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Do you have teeth staining: Know more about Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a method of removing marks from the surface of the teeth and preserving the natural color of the teeth. Bolton Dentist have the latest technology for teeth whitening treatments. Find out more about the most significant and frequently accepted cosmetic procedures. With the advent of new dental technology, we have innovative whitening treatment techniques that offer safe and long-lasting results. Certain foods and drinks can lead teeth to deteriorate. These food products include tea, coffee, wine, and caloric beverages. Smoking causes teeth to stain.

The Process of Teeth Whitening
Your dentist will first take photos of your teeth, which will let you know the progress of your treatment. It’s also used to inspect the tooth and find out the stains. After examining the dentist, the tooth will begin to be cleaned. The film on your enamel-covered will be removed because of the food you consume or because of other substances. After this, the whitening process begins. The whole procedure takes about 20-90 minutes based on the intensity of the teeth stains.

Your dentist will close your gums and then apply the whitening product to your teeth. Some whitening agents need laser beams on them, and if your teeth are severely colored, then your dentist will recommend that you perform the procedure at home for a few days. You may also opt for home whitening care, which will give your dentist the impression of your teeth and provide a custom-made mouthpiece. This makes the whitening compound remain intact in your teeth.

Ways to prevent re-staining
Once you’ve done a whitening treatment, there are a few steps you can take to help retain and sustain a whiter smile.
Evade foods and beverages that cause pigments. Sugary beverages, including, tea, red wine, chocolate, hard candy, tomato sauce, and berries are all likely to stain the teeth. It will also help from discoloring. Use your straw. When you sip your beverages, using a straw will help keep the color of liquids away from your teeth but they’re less likely to stain. Stop all use of tobacco. Cigarette smoking could discolor your teeth. Remove it if you’d like to keep your teeth clean and shiny. Practice healthy oral hygiene practice. Brushing and exfoliating your teeth and mouth washing will both help protect your teeth from staining. Floss your teeth once a day to clear away the build-up plaque. Use toothpaste with whitening agents in tandem with healthy oral hygiene practices. These toothpastes are specially designed to remove the stain from the surface of teeth and to maintain them under control. Several foods can help clean the surfaces of your teeth and help battle infectious bacteria in your mouth. Take foods such as apples, pears, apples, celery, and cucumbers to keep your teeth clean and healthy naturally.

Consult your Dentist
Before starting any kind of teeth whitening procedure, always talk to your dental professional about it. They will prescribe products that work best for you and examine your teeth to confirm that you are eligible for particular types of teeth whitening procedures.