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What are the symptoms of a toothache?

If you are experiencing sudden pain in your teeth or gums, it can be disturbing and alarming. Tooth pain or discomfort can occur due to various reasons, and the pain can vary from slight to severe. Tooth pain is a sign indicating an issue with the teeth or gums. Though it happens for any reason, you should never take the tooth pain light. If it is due to tooth decay, it has chances to get worse when left untreated. Visit the leading Guelph dental office to get quick relief from all kinds of toothaches. Let us review the causes and treatment options for toothache in this blog.

If you are experiencing toothache due to infection, you have to consume antibiotics. When you do not treat the infection, it has chances to spread throughout the body and remain very dangerous. Toothache is a serious issue and, at times, remains as an indication of a severe medical condition that may need medical attention immediately.

The pain can be different for each individual. It depends upon the location of the infection or damaged tooth, cause, and the duration it has been left untreated. Because of these factors, you would experience:

  • Shock-like or burning pain, but it is not usual
  • Painful sensitivity when you consume hot or cold drinks and foods
  • Fever
  • Inflammation around the tooth
  • Tenderness or aching surrounding the affected teeth
  • When you touch or bite, you may experience sharp pain in the tooth
  • Throbbing pain around the tooth

When tooth pain turns out as an emergency?
We have shared few common symptoms along with toothache, where you should obtain emergency treatment immediately.

  • Trouble breathing or swallowing that can be a sign of lung cancer
  • Coughing up blood, wheezing, and the cough that does not settles
  • Blood or pus close or on the affected tooth
  • Swelling in the jaw or face could be a sign of spreading
  • Shortness of breath, chest pain, lightheadedness, or other indications of heart attack

What are the treatment options for a toothache?
It is necessary to get immediate treatment from the dentist when you are experiencing a severe toothache. Home treatment like mouth rinses or over the counter pain medications helps in offering temporary relief till you see the dentist. If you meet the dentist, they may physically examine your x-rays and mouth, and also the affected tooth. If the infection still exists, you would be prescribed antibiotics or painkillers. But if the pain is due to tooth decay, the dentist would clean the affected tooth by drilling and filling it with the necessary dental materials. But if you are experiencing pain because of a jammed tooth, then the dentist may suggest removing the tooth surgically.

When the dentist could not find the exact reason for the pain, there are chances for them to refer to a doctor who can give you relief from other medical conditions. If it is caused due to sinusitis, the doctor would suggest antibiotics or decongestant medications.